Batavia Institute



Batavia Institute is a media and service platform of PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen provided to institutional clients, selling agents (banks) and other partners in a form of educational training on the world of investment and capital markets designed for and adapted to a given time and purpose.
Facilities provided by Batavia Institute are as follows:


Currently, Batavia Institute has prepared 14 (fourteen) training modules related to investment and capital markets and modules can be tailored to match specific needs which can be delivered in a half day, full day, multiple days, one-time or regular basis. Going forward, the training modules will continue to grow and evolve according to the ever-changing and dynamic global capital markets.


Batavia Institute provides evaluation to training participants through various test results and reports of their time and involvement in the training sessions:
1. Pre – Test
   This test is given to training participants before they sit for training. This is done to assess the knowledge of participants.
2. Post – Test
    This test is given to training participants after the training program is completed. This is done to assess the effectiveness of the training program.
3. Training evaluation reports consist of the following: