• Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibilities

PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen (BPAM) recognizes the importance of Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) in incorporating transparency, fairness, accountability and integrity as core fundamental principles in our entire operation. The global markets are rapidly evolving and placing greater credence on CSR and principles of responsible investment. We pride ourselves in our commitment to work towards global standards and exhibiting responsible investment practices as key to sustaining long-term value creation for our shareholders and industry stakeholders. BPAM is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Principles for Responsible Investment

As part of our commitment to responsible investment principles, BPAM has an Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Policy. We believe there is a link between ESG factors and the financial performance of listed companies, and as such considers ESG criteria throughout our entire investment management approaches. 

We invest in listed companies that demonstrate principles consistent with good practice, ensuring minimum compliance with all relevant laws of Indonesia in respect to environment, social and corporate governance actions of the invested company and any listed subsidiary. We do not invest in companies and sectors that have demonstrate-able negative environment, social and corporate governance impacts and/or risks and thus recognize the material benefits of screening, monitoring and reporting on our active investments.

ESG integration is an evolving area and we understand that challenges remain, especially in emerging markets in accessing ESG information and quantifying these factors. Our focus is on defining and understanding the ESG risks and opportunities of material consequence across companies, sectors and time. ESG concerns are factored into investment decision making to meet our primary objective of ensuring long-term value creation for our shareholders and clients.

Download BPAM UNPRI Transparency Report here

Corporate Governance

Our commitment to professionalism and good corporate governance is proven by our quality management certification ISO 9001:2008 awarded by SGS in 2007 in the area of Sales & Marketing, Compliance & Risk Management, Operation, Investment and Product Development. SGS conducts a comprehensive review of all our policies and procedures implemented by all units of operations, whereby satisfactory result is compulsory for the ISO certification to be extended. Furthermore, we implement our own set of compliance and risk management policies, standard operating procedures (SOP's) and risk management personnel (unit heads) who report to the Board of Directors. To ensure all policies and SOP's are implemented appropriately, we conduct internal audit to all units on a yearly basis.

Product Responsibility 

In providing high quality, diverse and innovative investment products to clients, we are backed by shareholders' long term commitment and highly-driven management to ensure that all our products meet investors' requirements and needs, both institutional and retail investors, as well as utmost adherence to local regulations. We also implement the 'Know Your Customer' principle across all our investors to validate and record data accurately in order to mitigate risk of potential funds misuse. 

As part of our commitment and responsibility in delivering high quality products, we also believe in educating our clients and distribution partners on all aspects of our products from basic investment, mutual funds and capital market topics to more complex materials on how we make investment decisions (macro analysis, asset allocation and security selection). We believe in our investment process, we hold great pride in our products and we believe knowledge is power. By empowering our clients and distribution partners with that knowledge, they will be better equipped to make informed investment decisions. These training sessions are conducted at the Batavia Institute (BINS) which serve as an educational and information platform and facility for our clients and distribution partners. We conduct BINS on monthly basis or upon request by our clients or distribution partners free of charge. Our efforts in promoting BINS and active participation from our marketing and investment team members including our CIO and portfolio managers as speakers in BINS have gained wide traction and favorable reviews.

Employment Responsibility

We are committed to recruiting and retaining talented and motivated individuals who prioritize clients and place their interests at the heart of our business. Our investment philosophy and process are founded on high quality teams and talented individuals dedicated to delivering consistent service to our customers. Part of our development and talent management programs include internship and graduate programs, senior leadership programs, annual appraisals and appropriate training and development to meet individual requirements. This remains our top priority in building a strong working culture and fostering organic growth. 

We seek to ensure that our workforce and talent pool reflect the diversity of the many ethnicities in Indonesia and we view diversity as a valuable business asset. We endeavor to provide a working environment where everyone is treated equally. 

We are fully committed to the health, safety and welfare of our employees. We provide each employee with safe and healthy working environment and work stations, carry out risk assessment on the premise, provide safety training, monitor and record all incidents and near misses. We provide each employee with comprehensive health insurance coverage, pension fund contribution (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) and discretionary financial contributions for employee weddings or deaths in the family. We also strongly believe in maintaining work and life balance for all employees and do not encourage work on weekends or over-time. 

Finally in fostering rapport and team building, we also conduct annual company outing (overseas and/or domestic travel) and company events (amazing race, outbound activities, costume parties, etc.) to bring employees closer in a relaxed and enjoyable environment outside the office.

Community Service  

We aspire to achieve a balance and harmonious co-existence with the environment and local communities. This is exemplified in our commitment to make contributions to under privileged local communities through financial and non-financial assistance. One of our community projects include yearly financial contribution to Yayasan Batavia Prosperindo Peduli (Batavia Prosperindo Peduli Foundation), a foundation established in 2014 by our Parent Company, PT Batavia Prosperindo Internasional Tbk, dedicated for the development of a mission school for under privileged children in Batam, Indonesia. Through BP Peduli Foundation, the mission school has continued to expand offering primary and elementary education to over 300 children, building more classrooms and surveying new locations for future development.

In addition, we have donated financial aid in 2012 to a national health service program known as Pos Pelayanan Terpadu (Posyandu), a government program dedicated to provide the elderly, pregnant women, mothers and infants below 3 years with medicinal and immunization needs, food and educational support for proper nurturing of the elderly, in time of pregnancy and infant care. As part of our community service initiative not only did we make financial contribution, we also take the time to visit several Posyandu posts where our staff distributed lunch boxes and interacted with the infants, elderly and mothers in an uplifting and responsible manner.