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Market Outlook

Flash note 5 June 2024

Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) is down by -2.1% today, pressured by sell-off in certain group of stocks such as: BREN, TPIA, AMMN, BRPT, and CUAN. One of the reasons could be due to BREN that was initially announced to be included in FTSE index, its inclusion was cancelled, putting the…

AML-CFT Statement 2024

PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen ("BPAM") berkomitmen penuh untuk mematuhi semua hukum dan regulasi terkait Anti Pencucian Uang, Pencegahan Pendanaan Terorisme, dan Pencegahan Pendanaan Proliferasi Senjata Pemusnah Massal ("APUPPT & PPPSPM") dan untuk mencegah penggunaan produk dan layanannya sebagai sarana pencucian uang, pendanaan terorisme, dan pendanaan proliferasi senjata pemusnah massal.…

BPAM Flash Note 30 May 2024

JCI index is under pressure today (with intraday low of -2,1%) dragged down by sell-off in large cap stocks (BMRI, BBRI, BBCA, AMMN, TLKM, ASII) due to various reasons such as rising treasury yield, unfavorable domestic news and full call auction on BREN. JCI has seen 5 consecutive days of…

AMII anti-fraud social media post

WASPADA PENIPUAN!Hati - hati dengan modus penipuan yang mengatasnamakan asosiasi, lembaga, perusahaan keuangan maupun pasar modal.

AMII anti-fraud social media post

WASPADA PENIPUAN!Jurus 2L : Logis dan LegalKalo nggak logis, jangan digubris.kalau nggak legal, dijamin gagal.

BPAM flash note 2 May 2024

JCI index is under pressure today (with intraday low of -2%) dragged down mainly by large cap banking stocks (BBCA, BBNI, BBRI, BMRI, and BRIS), especially BMRI that was down by -12% as it reported weaker-than-expected 1Q24 result. Furthermore, there was downward revision on BMRI guidance for 2024 that could…

BPAM Flash Note - 16 April 2024

During Eid-Al Fitr holiday in Indonesia (April 8-15), global indices retreated where S&P was -2.7%, MSCI Asia ex-Japan was -1.5%, and MSCI Europe was -0.5% due to combination of persistent US inflation and heightened geopolitical┬áconflict in the Middle East. This build-up in selling pressure brought JCI to weaken more than…

BPAM Flash Note - 01 April 2024