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Batavia USD Balanced Asia (BUBA)


A USD denominated open-ended mutual fund which invests in equity and debt securities and/or money market instruments listed in Asian Stock Exchanges (excluding Japan). This fund invests in minimum 1% and maximum 30% of equity securities and minimum 5% and maximum 79% in debt securities; and/or minimum 5% and maximum 79% in money market instruments and/or debt securities having maturity date of not more than 1 (one) year and/or remaining maturity date not more than 1 (one) year.

Investment Objective

Batavia USD Balanced Asia aims to achieve optimal return on investment in the medium to long term through investments in equity, debt securities and/or money market instruments that are listed in Asian stock exchanges (excluding Japan). 

Investment Policy
Min. Initial Subscription USD 500
Min. Subsequent Subscription USD 100
Account Balance 500 Units
Min. Redemption USD 100 OR 10 Units
Investment Fee
Subscription Fee Min. 0.5%, Max. 2.0%
Redemption Fee Max. 2.0%
Switching Fee Max. 0.5%
Portfolio Composition
Equity 1% - 30%
Bonds 5% - 79%
Money market instruments and/or cash equivalents 5% - 79%
Investment Type

Balanced Fund

Custodian Bank

The Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Account Name
Batavia USD Balanced Asia

Account Number

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October 2023