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Batavia Dana Saham (BDS)


A large-cap open-ended equity mutual fund which invests minimum 80% and maximum 100% equity securities; and minimum 0% and maximum 20% in money market and/or cash equivalents issued under governing laws and regulation of the Republic of Indonesia.

Investment Objective

Batavia Dana Saham aims to provide optimal capital gains in the long term primarily through investments in big-cap equities listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX). A small portion of the fund will be invested in money market instruments and/or other liquid financial instruments to provide liquidity for investors. 

Investment Policy
Min. Initial Subscription IDR 10,000
Min. Subsequent Subscription IDR 10,000
Account Balance IDR 10,000
Min. Redemption IDR 10,000 OR 10 Units
Investment Fee
Subscription Fee Max. 2.0%
Redemption Fee Max. 2.0%
Switching Fee Max. 1.0%
Portfolio Composition
Equity 80% - 100%
Money market instruments and/or cash equivalents 0% - 20%
Investment Type

Equity Fund

Custodian Bank

Deutsche Bank AG, Jakarta

Account Name
Batavia Dana Saham

Account Number

Name of Account Holder/Owner & Registration Number

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April 2024