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Batavia IDX30 ETF (XBID)


An open-ended mutual fund which its Unit is traded in Stock Exchange.

Tujuan Investasi

Batavia IDX30 ETF aims to provide investment return that correspond to the performance of IDX30 index which published by the Indonesia Stock Exchange.


Mechanism to purchase and sell Units : 

  • Primary market. Purchase and sell of Units through Dealer Participant (minimum 1 Creation Unit = 100,000 Units).
  • Secondary market. Purchase and sell of Units through mechanism of Stock Exchange (minimum 1 lot = 100 Units).

In accordance to regulation of Indonesia Stock Exchange, and other parties (such as Dealer Participant, and brokerage) related to Units transaction.

Komposisi Portofolio
Equity based securities which traded in Indonesia Stock Exchange, and listed in IDX30 index80%-100% 
Money market instrument, and/or time deposit0%-20% 
Jenis Reksadana

Exchange-Traded Fund

Bank Kustodian

Deutsche Bank AG

Dealer Participant :
PT Mandiri Sekuritas

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April 2019