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Batavia Smart Liquid ETF (XBLQ)


An open-ended mutual fund which its Unit is traded in Stock Exchange.

Tujuan Investasi

Batavia Smart Liquid ETF aims to obtain long-term capital appreciation, through investments in Equity-based securities which sold in a public offering, and/or traded on Stock Exchange, and also allowed to invest into Money Market instrument, and/or Time Deposit.


Mechanism to purchase and sell Units : 

  • Primary market. Purchase and sell of Units through Dealer Participant (minimum 1 Creation Unit = 100,000 Units).
  • Secondary market. Purchase and sell of Units through mechanism of Stock Exchange (minimum 1 lot = 100 Units).

In accordance to regulation of Indonesia Stock Exchange, and other parties (such as Dealer Participant, and brokerage) related to Units transaction.

Komposisi Portofolio
Equity-based securities which offered on Public Offering and traded in Stock Exchange.80%-100% 
Money market instrument, and/or time deposit0%-20% 
Jenis Reksadana

Exchange-Traded Fund

Bank Kustodian

Deutsche Bank AG

Dealer Participant :
PT Mandiri Sekuritas

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April 2019