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Outlook May 2020

Outlook 05 May 2020

BPAM Market Update April 2020

Global : The whole world has been impacted by Covid-19 since early 2020. In this video, we share our thought on Covid-19 development, how’s the impact to the global economy and what the market is watching closely now. Domestic : Indonesia is also impacted by the development of Covid-19. In…

Business Continuity Management

Sehubungan dengan perkembangan COVID-19 di Indonesia, PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen ("BPAM") akan mengimplementasikan Business ContinuityManagement terhitung mulai Rabu, 18 Maret 2020. 

A new hope

During inauguration, President Joko Widodo emphasizes the goal to become develop country and focus on 5 things i.e. human capital, infrastructure, regulation, bureaucracy and economic transformation.

The Deal 1.0

US-China mini-deal is a substantial progress between both sides, which suggest that they are looking for ways to reach an agreement.

Riding the wave

Equity market volatility have increased in 2Q19 with a rebound in June 2019 offsetting the sharp correction in May 2019. The recovery is mainly driven by easing escalation between US & China and expectation on pro-growth policies from Fed, China and ECB.......Hanya tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris

US-China Trade Deal: It Takes Two To Tango

Recent US-China trade talks had ended without any deal amid rising market expectation. At the same time, US$200bn of US imports from China is taxed at 25% now, up from 10% previously.

What do we see in 2019 ?

Our base case is the external headwinds (i.e. oil price, USD, UST yield, concern on Emerging Market, trade tension, etc) to ease/moderate going into 2019. Hence, this should bode well for Emerging Market, including Indonesia, amid slower global growth and less accommodative monetary policy. Meanwhile, domestic growth continues to be…